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Sleepy Lamp, working too many late nights at Pixar

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Untitled: Motif

Jam Session at the Iron Post 1 29 14

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Tall Grass vs Sunshine

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Opera in White

10 things Jan. 23 14

Jan. 23 14

Tail lights floating

Thinking about footsteps

Orange Electric Plugs

Shadows creating stories

Looking for contrast in lighting

Piano keys need to be cleaned

I have a lot of pens, and they’re all boring

Expensive water bottles are more shapely

Dusk seems unpredictable this week

Pigeons in Chicago=Geese in Champaign

People say more by how they listen than what they say

Seeing 10 Things

Jan. 24th

My room turns from black to blue in the morning before sunrise.

The fire alarm looks like an eternal firefly sitting on the ceiling.

Everyone likes squares. If you were allergic to squares you wouldn’t make it very long.

This phone has about 30 squares now. Maybe that’s why I can’t beat this cold. They’re suppressing my immune system.

Maybe squares mean inside outside more than circles famous “I have 2 sides.”

I think I’m working backwards out of music to see shapes. Music is timeline driven, but sight feels frozen in time. I feel like music travels farther but but disappears faster. After the experience, visuals linger while music is gone to the next appointment.

I keep seeing 3 pennies in my head when I’m thinking off stuff to see. All heads. Maybe it’s because Lincoln is from Illinois. Happy Presidents Day. Presidents Day is like a reservation for dead white guys.

light blue and gray relax me. (Day One App)

why do we need blinking cursors?

I’m mildly obsessed with contrast and shadows. I like stealing shadows. No one owns their shadow, and they don’t lie.

Maybe we live between the big universal and the microscopic , trying to reconcile the two distances we can’t cross. Why do huge and tiny  reset our mental lens?

My lamp would be a sexy French Fry Heater.


7° Clear
1317 N Lincoln Ave, Urbana, IL, United States

Jan 26th

A grey cat hiding in grey shadows
A truck plowing my driveway
Reading Mahler
A new hole in my long johns
I look miserable with a cold
The cat never gets sick
Extra chimney steam across the street
The banister needs to be painted
My wife has more patience than me
I couldn’t be a knitter

12° Cloudy
9803 S Wood St, Chicago, IL, United States

Jan. 27th

Lighting in different rooms
A lot of wrecked trucks
Lockers as shapes
More white than gray
Feet walking
People looking down when they re cold
Missing USB adapter
Lots of things have shadows
Colored pens are more fun
The jazz department hallway looks like a submarine

40.105° N, 88.2308° W

Jan. 28th

Every key on a keyboard has a shadow
My coffee mug and computer mouse don’t like each other
The mini mouse is an orphan
Some classes are the same this semester
Some people are ok with average
Too many types of turkey in Target
I saw a yellow hat
I bought the yellow hat.
Brown is relaxing to me.
I’m using this notepad app because I like the font.

10° Sunny
1317 N Lincoln Ave, Urbana, IL, United States

Jan. 29th

My coffee mug and computer mouse don’t like each other

Every key on a keyboard has a shadow